Sunday, February 15, 2015

Well, Hello!

So, it's only, forever!  So much has changed since my last blog post.  BUT I feel obligated to let you know where I've been so you might continue to read my sporadic updates that come in the future.

1. I had another baby.  Right, so that explains MOST of my absence from here.

2. We moved from the East Coast of Canada to the West Coast of Canada when baby was 3 months old.  So that explains the rest of where I've been.

I have been so busy settling, getting my eldest registered and then started in Kindergarten (how did that happen??) and learn our new home, that I have neither played with (or put together) my loom since we arrived.  Okay, I'll be frank, I left MY loom in New Brunswick when we moved thinking it was time to leave that piece of me behind as I didn't see a time when I'd be back to weaving.  Then after arriving in British Columbia, I was gifted a new to me loom with bench, warping mill, books, yarn, etc.  Right, the whole kit and kaboodle!  So, my new loom sits in the basement in pieces and my loom in NB sits in storage in my Dad's house until I'm back there one day to do something with it.

So that's what has been happening around here.  I made a whopping 3 owl ornaments this past Christmas and gifted all 3 of them away.

I have been asked to lead/coordinate a Weaving a Story workshop at my church for Lent.  We're going to do branch weaving and tell our life story through yarn.  I love it!  It takes me right back to the first weaving project I ever did in craft college.  So that's something to look forward to that is stringy.

I leave you with that.  And I promise to be back before another 18+ months...really!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Stuff :)

Well, folks, I've been a busy little weaver and completed some new ornaments.  They are holiday - not Halloween - but Christmas!

A sampling of the 2012 Owl Ornaments!

 red/charcoal wool felt

 tan/light blue/chocolate alpaca and wool felt

The introduction of the 2012 Wool Wreath Ornament:



How to make this better?  I'm offering free shipping for all Canada and US purchases in my Etsy shop: Sarah's Handwovens until Oct 31/2012.  Click on over and see the entire collection of Owls and Wreaths - and other *unbeweaveable goodies!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New stuff...

Bed rest has resulted in new merchandise added to Etsy.  Check out the shop and let me know what you think.  There are six new scarves in stock to check out.  Some wool, some chenille/wool and some that are no wool.  Something for everyone!!

On the mend.

This week took me by surprise when I ended up in the ER in the middle of the night Sunday/Monday with what was identified as gallbladder issues (stones and infection).  By Monday night, I was gallbladder free.  YAHOO!!  No more pain.  Well, no more gallbladder it's healing pain.

SO...while I spend countless hours in bed resting this week, I'm going to work on owls.  You'll remember them from previous posts...found here.  By tomorrow, I expect I'll have a dozen or so finished.  Photos will come up once they're done and then they'll be for sale in the Etsy shop (found here).

Happy healing to me!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This morning, the family and I embarked on our first visit of the year (we're lazy on Saturday mornings) to the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market.  Wow!  We picked a great morning.  No rain, but also no blistering sun.  We found chocolate ice cream (and Connor loved eating it at 10:30 am), chicken souvlaki pitas (yummy McYummy), and a clown to make a monkey balloon.  Overall a great trip.  We came home with locally grown peaches and cream corn for supper and baby carrots fresh from the ground.  It will be a good eatin' day.  Not bad for the first day of vacay.

As for the weaving world...have you been to the Etsy Shop yet?  If not, check it out.  Make it a favorite of yours so you can find out when new items are added.  And thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Do you "like" me?

In case you were unaware, my work is featured on a Facebook group page.  You can access the page here and like it.  Then you will be kept up to date on new products (yes, I update Facebook faster than the blog), sales, promotions and other stuff I feel like sharing on a more frequent basis.

For those who are new to this blog, I'm now selling my work on Etsy and you can visit my shop by clicking here.  I'm working away at more new products to add.  Keep checking back.

It's a beautiful day in my neighbourhood.  My family and I are getting ready to head out on a camping trip for a few days - I love organized procrastination from studio time.   I'm sure I'll see many treasures along the way that inspire more work.  Much like these Mermaid's Tail scarves were inspired by our trip to the Fundy Bay last summer (and currently available for sale in my Etsy shop).  Enjoy!

 Mermaid's Tail scarf - dark blue
8" x 60" plus fringe

 Mermaid's Tail scarf - light blue
8" x 60" plus fringe 

 Mermaid's Tail scarf - olive
8" x 60" plus fringe
Mermaid's Tail scarf - white
8" x 60" plus fringe

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Etsy, here I come!

I have jumped, both feet, into the world of Etsy.  I've looked and enjoyed the site for a long time.  Many friends have asked, "Are you on Etsy?".  Well, now I am.  The shop is called sarahshandwovens or *unbeweaveable by Sarah McIntyre.  Either should get you there...and so will this link:  Sarahshandwovens.

I invite to you visit, look around and shop away.  I'll be adding new inventory as it comes off the loom and is finished.  You'll find scarves, table runners, owls (large and small) and bath accessories.

This is an adventure.  I'm 10 years in and I wonder what I'll be doing differently?