Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Been Lazy Poster these days....

SO...I've been trying desperately to finish a blanket for a dear friend of mine...but being 23 weeks pregnant isn't helping. Loom is dressed. I'm ready to weave. But my body is tired all the time. Then yesterday, a heat wave hit and we're getting daily highs of 30 degrees celcius with a humidex of 35+! So there won't be woolly play this week. Had hoped it would still be raining and then I would have the cool temps to work in.

I would love to weave some baby blankets for my baby. Hoping to do that. Cotton probably. Maybe one in *gasp* acrylic - but it is baby friendly! Fingers crossed on this one.

Will show pics of the blanket once done. It's going to be beautiful...taupe, brown and rust. Very earthy and wooly.

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  1. Congratulations!! Beeing halfway is a great goal. I really wish you good luck!! I love your blog and in the last month I've checked it every day. (I wanted to know how your daily date pics works!!) Love your blog and in the last month I've checked it every day. I've just had my little boy Marlow. If you are still stuck for names is a great place to search. I found there mine. Can't wait to read more. J