Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh the scarves!

silver fine wool warp with black cotton weft

I'm really here. Really!

I've been so busy prepping inventory for holiday craft sales that I've been negligent on updates to the blog. My apology comes in the form of photos of my latest work. This is only a sample - there is lots more. I'll post more photos soon.

The wool I use is from Briggs & Little. Their woolen mill is only 10 minutes from my house! What a great opportunity for a weaver :)


silver fine wool warp with mixed wool/mohair/bouclee yarn weft

wool scarf - black warp with turquoise weft

wool scarf - black wool with royal blue weft

wool scarf - brown/blue warp mix with plum weft

wool scarf - brown/blue warp mix with cream weft

cotton warp beige/olive with synthetic/wool mix weft

wool scarf - cream warp with mulberry weft

wool scarf - cream weft with blue heather weft

wool scarf - mixed wool stripes warp (plum/lavender/grey/blue) with grey heather warp

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