Thursday, April 16, 2009

the *unbeweaveable blanket

I started making blankets when I was a student, but lately I've changed their design and purpose to meet the needs of being "Made in NB". I used to do overshot designs in cotton and wool, but I can't source the cotton in the province, so I moved to wool only. Now I use only Briggs & Little Wool, from Harvey NB and love it.

Customers can choose their favorite colors, then I take over the design and make the colors fit and work in a blanket that measures 42" x 80" woven. Here are a few samples. Sadly, I don't always get to take a photo before they go, but I did for some and here they are.

If you're interested....blankets are $250 CAD and a $75 CAD deposit is requried for materials. Plus shipping if needed. They are truly a lovely blanket to be cherised for years to come. I've made them as birthday gifts, wedding gifts and "just because" gifts!


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