Thursday, April 16, 2009

the unbeweaveable truth

I have been weaving for 7 years, and I love it. In fact, to me, it's unbeweaveable! I named my studio unbeweaveable in my first summer. I had just spent a very long day proudction weaving rag rugs in 35+ degree weather (celius) without any air conditioning or fans (I might have been crazy then) and thought to myself, "this is unbeweaveable!"...and well, it stuck.

I still think that. I live in a beatiful village in rural New Brunswick and have the luxury of my own studio in house. I recently went back into the studio full time when I lost my job and now and enjoying the creative moments that I once had to supress.

I will post my projects, ideas and photos on here as I go along. Enjoy the ride!

*unbeweaveable (noun) - enjoying hand woven items for you and your home.

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  1. Great to hear another Sarah McIntyre is working away in a studio somewhere! Weaving's brilliant, I still remember a family trip to my mother's friend on a reservation in New Mexico, and she had two huge looms in her house. I thought it was the best thing ever! :-)

    -Sarah McIntyre