Sunday, June 20, 2010

wedding season is upon us....

my wedding day June 7, 2008

It's funny, but every spring, usually starting in May, I start to get requests for wedding gifts.

"Do you have any table runners?"

"What about at throw?"

"Can you suggest something you have in stock that would be a good wedding gift?"

hand woven guest towels

Ultimately, the wedding is usually sooner rather than later which can make selections harder. But these requests are something I enjoy fulfilling. What a wonderful gift to give to a young married couple, something hand made.

hand dyed and woven table runner

Some of my favorite wedding gifts that I've made over the years are overshot blankets, wool blankets, table runners, and pillow sets.

overshot blanket - cotton and wool

Are you going to a wedding this summer and want to take a gift that won't be a duplicate? Contact me for hand woven gift ideas. This summer I actually have a few good gifts in my cupboards ready to go!

store window featuring my hand woven work and teddy bears

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