Monday, July 12, 2010

threading the loom

This is probably the most time consuming part of weaving. Threading the loom. But it's worth the extra time to make sure I don't make any mistakes in the pattern. Even when I'm doing a simple 1-2-3-4 threading, mistakes can occur if I go too quickly.

I thread the loom from front to back. Most weavers do it the other way round. But I was taught front to back and that's how I roll with it. In fact, I often do my color designing "in the reed" (the comb part) as I thread. I always have the colors picked out and counted out ready to go, but sometimes as the last minute, change my mind on how they should be arranged in the reed. It's fun!

through the reed

Today I'm threading a cotton warp (the threads that go through the loom) that will be a table runner. It's a commissioned wedding gift. So I need it done this week. The pattern is a broken twill that will make lovely diamond "W" shapes. I'm making two: one white/white and one white/olive. We'll see which one is best when they're both fringed, washed and ironed. My gut says white/white. But who knows?

Photos to come of finished project.

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