Saturday, July 24, 2010


There is no greater satisfaction than delivering a commissioned item on time.
I finished the table runner (white/white) and delivered it yesterday. I wasn't able to get a photo before of the fringed runner, mostly due to lack of time. But I did get a detail shot. It was lovely. Subtle. Elegant. One-of-a-kind.

photo taken before washing. detail shot.

Now I have the white/olive one to finish. I started it and it's completely different! I love that my choice of weft (yarn that weaves into the loom) can have such dramatic outcomes, even when the pattern is the exact same.

Next project ready for the loom is a blanket. And not for anyone in particular. Just to add to inventory. That will be nice.

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  1. Where do you find the time? New babies are VERY demanding!Actually they just keep being demanding until.....until.....until..... Well. I guess that I am still waiting for that day and my "baby" is 6!