Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drama, Drama, Drama Fest! and some other PD

For the last two weeks I've had the pleasure of doing workshops with students and teachers about all of my passions: drama, music, and art.  I feel blessed (and exhausted, really) to have the chance to share my knowledge with others.

 First I did a stint as NB Drama Fest for High School and Middle School students and teachers.  I got to share singing techniques and tips as well as creative story time theatre ideas.  Watching students try new things is one of the reasons I teach.  What a treat to do it at Drama Fest (the largest drama festival in Canada, just so you know).

Then I capped off the two weeks spending a day with NB Teachers at their provincial PD day.  We did art and it was awesome.  I taught basic basket weaving skills.  It was new to everyone who attended and we had a such a great time turning newspapers and packaging boxes in to lovely baskets.  Again, a real treat to share my skills with others.

The plus side to all of this?  I'm now super inspired to get back at the loom which is currently still has the rainbow project warp on it.  I know, I know.  It's been ages since I put it on.  But I took advantage of every teachable day I could get.  I'm a supply teacher, and I need them all!  However, summer is just around the corner.  I have Nana and Grammie coming closer for the summer and have also found a lovely teen who loves to babysit.  I will weave, my friends and get my many warps on and off the loom and photographed to share with you all.

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  1. yes, please...I love to see all the amazing things you do!!