Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I learned this week....

1. An overdue book that is also a good read is worth the $1 or so in fines.

2.  A day spent at home with my wee sidekick means that I can clean the cupboards, rearrange cookbooks, clear off the counter tops and the dinning room buffet - all while enjoying his company and playing stickers.

3.  There is balance in not finding a day of work (the double edged joy of being a supply teacher).

4.  I really love my babysitter (and also that I love that my wee sidekick also loves her)!

5.  Sometimes, frozen pizza IS the answer to "What's for dinner?"

6.  I enjoy working half-days because I pay for a full day sitter and that means MommyTime (aka studio time).

7.  The best part about a YMCA membership is having access to a heated pool.

8.  Dollarstore chocolate imported from Turkey is JUST AS GOOD as the American made stuff.

9.  All purpose flour is not created equal.  Although the label says "All Purpose Whole Wheat Flour" it does not make cookies taste the same.  They are heavier.  So much for trying to be healthier....Bring on the white stuff.

10.  There's nothing like a 6:00 AM dance party to the Indigo Girls on a Monday morning! 

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