Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

I have finally - yes, finally - completed a project that I put on the loom oh so long ago.  The rainbow warp has been woven, sewn, fringed and washed.  It is now many different items.  All different from what I had thought they would be originally - I love being surprised by fabric off the loom!

So without further ado...

 small table runner - cotton and cotton chenille

 hand towel and face cloth set - cotton and cotton chenille

 scarf - cotton and cotton bouclĂ©

 scarf detail

 scarf detail #2

 woven pouch or bag - cotton and wool

bag detail

This feels like it's the beginning of something great.  A bit like Christmas!  There is a small piece of the cotton and wool fabric that was too long for a bag, so I'm thinking it will become two large pillows.  It's lovely too.  After a wash and dry in the machines (thank god for them) the fabric is very soft and cushy.  Perfect for pillows!!

The next warp going on is the Zebra Wood warp.  Click for a reminder ;)  It's all gorgeous too!  

Here's another runner that I made a while back and thought I'd post now.  It was the remnants of a commission warp - love having extra!

 table runner tan/yellow - cotton and cotton chenille

table runner tan/yellow detail with fringe

As always, if you see it and like it, contact me about buying it!  'Tis the season to be thinking about gift givin'.

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