Friday, May 28, 2010

Bound weave

I've recently acquired a new camera and have been snapping photos of my studio and my work left, right and center! I thought I'd take some pictures of the work that hangs in my studio as inspiration. Most of it is work from my student days.

Bound weave was a stressful learning curve for me. Mostly because I prefer to weave items that I can get off the loom quickly. That's why I'm a production weaver. But I had to learn patience to do bound weave.

Bound weave sampler

Bound weave rug sampler

Next was needle felting. I really enjoyed needle felting. It's dangerous if you don't know how to use the super sharp needle, but I survived! I enjoyed the 3D possibilities as well as how you could paint with yarn on felt. So many lovely ways to use fleece!

Sunset on the Kennebecasis

Before I can even think about a new project, I find myself staring at my yarn closet. I've recently "spring cleaned" it and now it's more organized to style of yarn. It used to be by color, but I had too much of certain colors for that to work and not get tangled. The sad thing is that I'm not supposed to get more yarn until I use up what I've got. But at least I've got lots of good stuff!!

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