Monday, May 31, 2010

Grade 3 Here I Come!

I got a really interesting email this winter asking me to be a part of the new Grade 3 Social Studies text book in New Brunswick. I thought it was spam. But then it turned out to be legitimate! How cool. So, after I realized I'd need a photo of me in the studio - something I just didn't have at the time - I called Dad and asked him to use his new found photography skills to help me out. It didn't take long to do and was fun to get new shots of the studio with me working away.
They emailed me last week to say it goes to print in June! How exciting. Students, and maybe someday Connor, will learn about craftspeople in New Brunswick and I will be one of them.

I can't upload the page from the text book they sent me, but I'll share the photo that I submitted.

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