Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After almost a year, yup a year, I have completed the project that was on my loom. It's a beautiful blanket woven in tan, burnt orange and brown heather yarns. It's for a friend and I'm so glad that I will get to deliver it in person rather than by mail. Much more fitting indeed!

I don't have a camera to snap a full length photo. However, I used the web cam to shoot a close up detail of the blanket.

close up detail shots

Now that the loom is empty, I don't know what to put on. I think it should be bath mitts. A local store, Botinicals, has been asking for them and I didn't have time. They're also a fast project to weave off - but they do require sewing. I guess I could do that after the babe is sleeping for the night.

Or I could put on another blanket....the choices are endless! It's nice to be motivated to weave again.

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